Julen Blankenship, Executive Director

Julen Blankenship has a master's degree in Nonprofit Management from Florida Atlantic University. She has been a consultant in the nonprofit sector, public policy, advocacy, and government affairs for 25 years. Julen lives in Delray Beach, FL. She is passionate about advancing and improving the lives of all women regardless of age, income, ethinicity, religion, or background.


Laurette Valcena, Job Development Coordinator

Laurette is bilingual in Creole and English. Her previous position was as a teacher assistant at a neighborhood elementary school. Her primary role at Women’s Circle is to help  women find jobs. She also teaches crochet and helps in the sewing class.


Tee Jackson, Job Development Coordinator

Tee came to Women’s Circle seeking a career change that would allow her to educate and empower women. She had previously worked in a law office as a legal assistant for 25 years. She interviews women who are seeking employment or looking to enhance their skills for a better job. She prepares resumes, provides mock interviews and runs job development classes throughout the year.


Gilda Galdo, Education & Volunteer Coordinator

Gilda plans, manages, and evaluates the education program and is the Volunteer Coordinator. She grew up in the Phillipines and also spent time in Japan before coming to the USA. She has a degree in Business Management and an Educational background.



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