At the Circle

Marie Jeanine Sanon Fonrose 

009Who are you? Marie was born in Haiti on March 8, 1961. She arrived as young women and raised her family in Boynton Beach. Marie is married and has a 33 year old daughter and 23 year old son. Marie has much family here in US and many still living in Haiti.

Was your experience at Women’s Circle what you expected? Marie did not know what to expect as she had limited language and understanding about what can happen. Marie started at the Women’s Circle in 2008. She took every opportunity to become educated within the program.

What did you think of the classes? Marie loved the classes. She learned how to speak and write the English language. She learned life skills and how to use a computer. Learning at the Women’s Circle gave Marie the desire to want more education.

Is your experience at the Women’s Circle going to make a difference as you continue your life’s journey? Marie came to Women’s Circle with no understanding of the English Language. So many people were helpful andshe was given the tools to be successful. The staff and teachers were very patient and encouraging. Marie specifically mentions Gilda Galdo, Sister Isabel, and Pierre Valcena as her mentors.

Have you been able to get a job or get a better job with the assistance here at Women’s Circle? Women’s Circle helped Marie with earning her citizenship. As of March 31, 2015 she officially became a citizen and traveled to Haiti August 2015 and found the experience easier and much more rewarding. Marie was just recently hired as a housekeeper in the assistant living facility Parkside Inn. 

How do you feel about yourself now? Good, and happy. Marie likes to volunteer. She likes to take life, one day at a time.

A Quote fom Marie:  ”Women’s Circle is my life, it continues to help me, it makes me happy” as she points to her heart.