These are ongoing classes at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, in which students improve their command of the English language, both written and oral. Classes are differentiated by level of competency, with students being promoted as they become more proficient.

This course introduces students to the basics of how to find their way around computers. It is aimed at developing skills that will be of use to students in their everyday life and especially in their job-seeking activities.  Additional classes are available in Microsoft Word and Excel.

This program is based on the Rosetta Stone system of language education. Students require a level of proficiency in reading and computer skills before enrolling in this class.

This is an ongoing class in which students are taught to knit and crochet items which they or their family members could wear or sell.

For more information, or to register for classes, please call our Education Coordinator at (561) 244-7627, ext. 104

This program teaches literacy in the students’ native Creole language while at the same time teaching conversational English. The student population for this class is made up of economically disadvantaged Creole speaking Haitian women, recent émigrés who have never attended school anywhere. Students learn the alphabet in Creole and practice reading and writing. As they progress, they are introduced to the English alphabet, phonics, sight words, and writing exercises. As the students become proficient they are transitioned into an ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) class supplemented by Rosetta Stone lessons.

This is an ongoing class in which students are taught valuable sewing skills. Students in this class are shown how to make their own clothing from proper patterns and students of differing levels are encouraged to help each other to improve their skills.

This class assists students through the process of applying for and gaining their US Citizenship. Students are taught basic Civics and are coached in the knowledge required to pass the Citizenship Test.

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