Mission, Vision, and Values

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Our Mission:

Improving, empowering, and investing in the lives of women in Palm Beach County since 2000. We provide the tools women need to realize their full potential and become better educated, employed, and leaders in the community. We meet women at their point of need and guide them towards self sufficiency, economic stability, job security, and leadership roles.


Our Vision:

All women have the ability to develop their potential and be all they can be while effectively assimilating into culturally diverse communities.


Our Values:

  • Respect for human dignity.
  • Justice for all.
  • Appreciation for different cultures.
  • Awareness of the special importance of women in the family and in the community.
  • Active development of each woman’s potential for employment and leadership in her community.
  • Belief in democracy and participation of persons in all areas that impact their lives.
  • Appreciation for the spirituality of each person which nourishes their aspirations.