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Volunteers are essential to our program, serving as tutors, teachers, job preparation aides, receptionists, and fundraisers. Volunteers complement the work done by our staff and we value the experience and insights of our volunteer staff and encourage feedback about our programs. Without the skills, enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteers our programs could not be so successful.

All new volunteers must register with and be interviewed by the volunteer coordinator. This will be followed by a tour of the facility and an overview of the programs offered at Women’s Circle. We then ask that all teachers or tutors observe classes at least twice. This gives an opportunity to gain insight into different approaches to teaching and to make sure that assignment.


Typical Volunteer Opportunities are:

  • Teachers- Occasionally we need teachers for our classes. Usually these instructors have worked with classes or have some experience in this area.
  • Tutors- to help teach students English on an individual basis. The students are enrolled in the ESOL classes and need or want individual help.
  • Receptionists- to greet visitors, answer phones, do data entry, and help staff with various projects.
  • Computer teacher assistants- to help individual students in computer classes.
  • Job preparation assistants-to help job coordinators search for jobs, do data entry and help with special projects.
  • Fund raising- New members for our fundraising committee are always welcome.